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5 Popular Free Android Applications April 2013

Rogelio Olivar | 7:56 AM |

Author: r3ndevous
Besides iPhone application that has changed sometimes on most popular app is available this month, for Android the list for popular app that many people download and install these day 's also changed. Some of this application perhaps unheard before or maybe you already have inside your smartphone, lets check the 5 free popular application seen on GooglePlay

- We Chat

This app who created by china publisher is on top of free application for Android this month. As you already know, this app allows you to chat with another user along with extra animated emoticon, this app also enable you to have a free call with your contact. We Chat gain a lot attention recently therefore a lot of people use it as the chat client. Having free phone call certainly makes this application gain a lot of recognition by Android user. 


- Line

Line sitting on the next position for popular free app available for Android. The application who developed by Naver Japan offer free call, auto text, game, and many other feature for chat client. The developer is still added entertainment feature for this application like adding more game and stuff. Besides have emoticon and auto text, Line also including more sticker with numerous expression.

- WhatsApp Mesengger

Because of a lot of new chatting client for Android make WhatsApp right down to 3rd position this month. As you know this application enables you to send or receive message and chat with your fellow WhatsApp user. WhatsApp Messenger also enables you to synchronize to any device for example phone or tablet. Just like SMS message, you can see the content you get without opening the Application. 

- Kakao Talk

Kakao talk get so much attention recently, provide some free call, and basic chat feature this application is widely used by Android user this day. This app also offers many awesome emoticons.

- Facebook

Who doesn't use a Facebook account these day, this Facebook client surely one of the app that seen on every handset. This client available for Android has a nice function for chat and some basic feature as you see on Facebook. The Android version quite neat and have a good interface. It is simple to navigate through your home page, news feed, message, and time line.

These entire apps are for the most widely used application for Android according to Google Play. You can view other list on Google PlayStore and download and install the app previously mentioned if you don't have one.
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